Editors Note: Having a strong background in coaching/athletics we want to try to share tidbits of information that help not only our clients but the coaching/playing/parenting community as a whole and will be sharing motivation, social media, and video tips regularly.  ENJOY

You Must Want to Be a Winner
Winning is a way of thinking and behaving.  If you feel that you are going to win, then you have a chance.  Remember, “Losers never win.”  In every game there must be a winner and a loser.  The team with a winning tradition and attitude has the advantage.  Winning is not everything, but it sure beats coming in second.

In Order to Win You must Be willing to Enjoy the Price
It has been the coach’s experience to observe that you do not get something for nothing.  Everything of value costs something.  The same is true in the game of basketball.

We are asking our players to enjoy the price.  It is not a sum of money, but a sum of themselves.  Every player must put himself into every aspect of our program.  If every player gives 100% effort every practice and game, we will have enjoyed the price; as a result, winning will have taken care of itself.  Champions work harder than mediocre or average players.  Losers pay the price by cheating themselves.  They lose their investment because they have nothing to show for their little investment.  A little more and they could have won.

Accept Criticism of the Coaches
The coaches are interested in you and will have constructive criticism for each player throughout the year.  Do not feel insulted if you receive some criticism from the coaches.  None of us is born perfect; hence, we have to be taught.  If a player pouts and become cynical to criticism this can be detrimental to the team.  Players must understand that the coach is trying to make them better basketball players but more importantly better individuals.

Be Coachable
The coaches can improve your play only if your complete cooperation is given.  We are going to insist that you do exactly as you are told.  This is a part of becoming responsible.  The coaches will be open at all times for suggestions, but make sure you present your ideas at the proper time and in the proper manner.

Develop Respect for Others

  1. Opponent
  2. Teammates
  3. Coaches
  4. Teachers
  5. Parents
  6. School
  7. Refs
  8. Fans
  9. Other students of the school

The Coaches Must Be One of Your Closest Confidants
We feel that if you have any personal problem you should let the coach know about it.  You cannot play at your best if something is bothering you.  You should feel confident that the coaches desire the best for you and will help you the best they can.  The coaching staff will be your counselors.

Be Loyal to Team by Being Faithful to Observe Training Rules
No discourse is necessary here.  It is expected and does not need to be justified.  Any person who fails to observe training rules will be disciplined at the discretion of the coaches.  This is 100% loyalty to the cause will demand great physical sacrifices and a spirited response to every demand that might be made of each of use from the start until finish of the season.

Play One Game at a Time
Many games have been lost because the players were looking over the team that they were playing toward the rival team who might have been undefeated.  When you lower your guard, the deadly punch of defeat will slap you right in the face.  Play the season one game at a time.